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Special Parents Confidential Episode 14 We Connect Now

Special Parents Confidential Episode 14 We Connect Now

When it comes to educating our kids with special needs we as parents tend to focus primarily on the here and now, especially if our kids are younger.  But what will life be like for our kids when they get older and go into college and then the workplace? What kinds of challenges will they face? What help or resources are available?

Our guest for this episode of Special Parents Confidential is able to offer a lot of information on that very subject. Gabriela McCall Delgado has a learning disability and in 2008 while she was a freshman at Louisiana State University she decided to create a website resource for other college students with disabilities called We Connect Now. Her site has been visited by over 175,000 people from all over the United States and 137 other countries. We Connect Now is online forum about college and university life for students with physical disabilities and learning disabilities where they can share their stories and information. And as those students graduate and move into employment they’re using We Connect Now to share stories and information about the job world and successes or problems they encounter there.

Gabriela talks about the challenges she faced in college as well as transitioning into a career and why she decided to start We Connect Now.  She also talks about some of the other stories that people have shared on her site and what resources are available for students with special needs as they go into college and the workplace. This is vital information for any parent who are looking at getting their kids into college and jobs.

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