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When Your Child With Special Needs Is Banned From A Relative’s Home

When Your Child With Special Needs Is Banned From A Relative’s Home

This is one of those subjects that is hardly ever talked about, and yet can have a devastating effect on families. What would you do when your child with special needs is banned from a relative’s home? How would you react? Would you try to resolve the issue? Would you try to please the relatives who won’t tolerate your child’s different behaviors? Or would you react in a different way and turn the tables? Very insightful and well-written blog from a mom ‘who’s been there’, and offers some very sound advice.

The Friendship Circle is a fantastic resource organization for not only parents of special needs children, but for anyone who has any relationship with a special needs child. They were the subject of SPC Episode 13, and we interviewed Rabbi Tzvi Schectman who told us about the mission and the purpose of the Friendship Circle.

In addition to their blog that this article comes from, they also offer many resources including a campus for social help. Find out more by visiting their website and be sure to sign up for their email newsletter to get a daily posting with excellent advice right to your email inbox.

SPC One Year Anniversary

SPC Studio

SPC One Year Anniversary.

One year ago this week I posted the first two podcasts on the newly minted Special Parents Confidential website. Fifteen episodes in one year, about three more than I thought I would be able to get produced, which puts me ahead of my expectations. And that’s always a good thing.

What does it take to create a podcast? As far as equipment goes, not much really. A mixer, a microphone, a phone interface, headphones, speakers, a digital recording platform, and some wires to connect it all.

But Special Parents Confidential is far more than the equipment. It’s a lot of people who helped me get started nearly six months before this date last year. Those people and their contributions are listed on the About Us page and I’d like to encourage you to take a look at the links to their own websites because they are some amazing people who do incredible things.

Most importantly I’d like to thank the 15 people who agreed to take time out of their busy schedules to answer questions about what parents of special needs children need to know and what they do to help. Some very graciously took a long time, nearly missing important events or meetings, just to make sure they answered every question.

When I started these interviews my goal was to create an online support group for parents of special needs children who aren’t able to attend support group meetings. Thanks to these first 15 people I can say that the goal has been exceeded

Here’s the list of those fine people and their episode subjects once again. If you haven’t heard all these interviews yet, please take a listen!

1. Carol Lippert – Support Groups

2. Dan Blauw – Legal Issues

3. Cyndi Blair – Playdates

4. Dr. Oren Mason – ADD/ADHD

5. Kindy Segovia – Assistive Technology

6. Kathy Holkeboer – Special Education Advocacy

7. Stacy Burns – One Parent’s Journey

8. Chris Kenward – Social Issues In School

9. Julie Wiseman – Deafness and Hearing Impairment

10. Paula Lancaster – Special Education

11. Rev. Mathew Cockrum – Special Needs and Spiritual Needs

12. Elizabeth Welch-Lykens – School Funding and Special Education

13. Rabbi Tzvi Schectman – The Friendship Circle

14. Gabriella McCall Delgado – We Connect Now

15. Conny Raaymakers – Applied Behavior Analysis

It’s been an amazing journey. I’m looking forward to continuing with more episodes in 2014 and beyond.

To everyone who agreed to be interviewed, to everyone who helped out in making this podcast and website a reality, and most of all, to you for finding my site, taking a listen, and then recommending these episodes to people you know:

A huge   T H A N K   Y O U !!!!

Special Parents Confidential Episode 15 Applied Behavior Analysis. ABA.

Applied Behavior Analysis. ABA.

Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA is a term parents of special needs children hear a lot in schools, doctors offices, therapy centers, and just about anywhere our kids interact with people. Studies have shown that ABA can be used to help children as early as 18 months learn to cope with everything from social settings to the educational environment. ABA has been proven to be successful especially for children with autism and can be used to help kids with other disabilities and disorders.

In this episode John talks with Conny Raaymakers, who is director of ABA serves at Developmental Enhancement Behavioral Health, a group that specializes in using ABA for the treatment of autistic children. Conny is a Behavior Analyst and Limited Licensed Behavioral Psychologist.  She talks about the history of Behavior Modification, the decades of research that has been done to study the effectiveness of the treatments, and clears up  the misconceptions people have about Applied Behavior Analysis. Conny also discusses the drawbacks and problems with using alternative or ‘fad’ treatments, how to watch out for misleading claims and how to spot phony success stories.

UPDATED LINKS 10/02/2017

Developmental Enhancement Behavioral Health

Conny Raaymakers Profile Page


Association for Behavior Analysis International


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