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The Numbers Are In!

The Numbers Are In!

When I started this podcast a little over two years ago I was hoping to be able to fill a need for parents or relatives or friends of special needs children and adults. I had no idea how many people would be interested, but I thought there would be ‘some’.

Until now I really had no idea how many people have seen the Special Parents Confidential website, or how many people were listening to the podcast episodes. We don’t have a large number of subscribers on iTunes… this is primarily owing to the fact that the file size for each episode is very large. My crazy insistence on having the sound quality as good as any FM radio station is the cause. Due to these large file sizes, it’s my belief that most of the audience is listening directly on the website rather than downloading the episodes.

Well now I have a better idea of just how many people have been checking out this ‘humble little podcast’. My webmaster guru recently ran a site stat report for me, and I wanted to share some of it here. The report contains large numbers of stats including activity, access, visitors, referrers, browsers, and errors (bots trying to gain access to stuff they’re not supposed to have – don’t worry they didn’t get anything). The numbers are in, and very detailed, so I’ll just post the two most important stats: Since we started in in January of 2013 until April 23 of 2015 (the date the report was generated), Special Parents Confidential has been visited 815,493 times; with 600,882 real people hits and 214,611 spider (bot) hits. More impressively, the total bandwidth usage has been 49.45 GBs. In radio terms, that’s (TSL) Time Spent Listening. This number represents both episode downloads and direct listening time.

Pronouncing the words, “I’m shocked” is a major understatement. I think the phrase, ‘my brain did backflips’ is more appropriate. These are far bigger numbers than I ever expected, or thought possible, given that I haven’t really gone out of my way to promote the site.
To everyone who has visited, listens, and continues to do both, thank you so very much! It’s gratifying to know there are so many more of you than I thought. You have my assurances that I’ll continue to produce episodes that cover subjects you want to know about. You should also know that you have a voice in this process too. Please like our Facebook page or Follow us on Twitter so you can comment directly on each episode (we monitor those the most frequently)*. Also feel free to share episodes and the website on your favorite social media sites.


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Special Parents Confidential Episode 19 Understood Dot Org

Understood Dot Org

One of the major benefits of the Internet is the amazing amount of information that is available on virtually any subject you might want to know about. The problem is trying to figure out what information is accurate and what information is nonsense, especially when the nonsense information comes disguised as something credible. This is especially true for parents of special needs children who are trying to find reliable and accurate information for their children. There are far too many websites containing unproven information, fake cures, and outright lies about various learning disabilities, special needs disorders, and treatment options.

Thankfully many groups and organizations are counteracting these fraudulent sites with accurate, evidence-based research sites that have peer-reviewed, credible information. And many of them are doing everything they can to make it easier to get the accurate information that parents need. One such site is

About two years ago a group of fifteen different organizations, including the National Center for Learning Disabilities, The Parents Education Network, Learning Disabilities Association of America, Common Sense Media, and others, decided to combine their resources for parents and educators to be able to access the latest tools and information for children with learning disabilities. Understood’s goal is to help the millions of parents whose children, ages 3–20, are struggling with learning and attention issues. They want to empower them to understand their children’s issues and relate to their experiences.

One of the features on are blog articles written by parents and experts, and on this episode of Special Parents Confidential, we are joined by one of Understood’s parent advocate, writer, and contributor, Amanda Morin. Amanda is an education writer and a special education advocate. She uses her experience as an early interventionist, teacher and a special needs parent to inform her work. She has written two books and she is also a parent of three kids, two of whom have learning disabilities. In our interview, she talks about her challenges as a parent, her background in education, and how she began to use her training in special education advocacy to write books and blogs about how to navigate the world of special education.

Here are links to the websites mentioned in the podcast:


Parenting Special Needs Magazine

Amanda Morin’s Website (which has a link to where you can purchase her books)

Amanda’s Facebook Page

Amanda’s Twitter Feed

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