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SPC Is Now On BlogTalkRadio

SPC Is Now On BlogTalkRadio! 

We’re pleased to announce a major step forward for the future of Special Parents Confidential. After a great deal of consideration, we have joined one of the biggest podcast networks in the world, BlogTalkRadio. Some of the biggest names in podcasting are listed with BlogTalkRadio and we are thrilled to have Special Parents Confidential join that lineup.

What’s going to change? As far as how you can listen to us, not much. No matter how you choose to listen, whether it’s here on our website, or on one of our other subscription services, you’ll still access us the same way as always. But you now can also access us on BlogTalkRadio.

The Main Change.

However, there will be one change, and that’s advertising. You will now be hearing advertising during the podcast. Two commercials will run for every 20-30 minutes of episode length. The reason for this is we are at the turning point for Special Parents Confidential. I am very interested in expanding the audience reach of the podcast and would like to be able to bring you more episodes. Additionally we are hoping to add news features to each episode, and offer more content articles. 

As you can understand, for those opportunities to happen, we need to generate income. We will do our best to be careful as to what kind of advertising content will be allowed, and I am working with the team at BlogTalkRadio to ensure that you won’t hear anything objectionable.

Email Subscriptions

In the coming weeks, we will be adding more articles as part of our blog. These will be features from reputable news sources and medical sources, including some that will be written by our colleague and podcast guest, Dr. Patricia Schultz. However those articles may not get more than a quick mention in an episode. 

To ensure that you are able to see those articles as soon as they are published, make sure you subscribe to our email list. You’ll get every latest posting, including notifications on new episodes of Special Parents Confidential delivered right to your inbox. 

A Big Step Forward

For the past four years we’ve worked to ensure Special Parents Confidential presents accurate and credible information as a resource for parents of special needs children. Our new partnership with BlogTalkRadio will allow us to continue that purpose well into the future. I hope you continue to listen and that you participate with us as we grow our audience. Be sure to like us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and all the other social media platforms we list. We are interested in your feedback and those are the best places to let us know what you think.

As always, thanks for listening!

John Pellegrini