This is not a legal disclaimer by any stretch of the imagination.

I’m not a lawyer, and I’m certainly not a doctor or medical expert.

I am a parent looking for answers and interviewing experts to try to gain those answers.

My intent with this document instead is simply a plea for common sense and common courtesy.

In searching for information that will be of interest for parents of special needs children for these podcasts, I look at a large field of potential subject matters. This includes treatment options for certain disabilities and conditions.

However I would have to be blindly naive to not realize that some of the potential treatment options that any guest might talk about on one of these podcasts could run completely counter to what other people might think works best.

Why this is a concern to me is that some people have the opinion that whatever may have worked for whatever condition their child has will work for everyone that has the same condition. Unfortunately some people get very, shall we say… pushy, when it comes to these conclusions.

I don’t want to see what happens on so many other internet sites. Arguing, name calling, flaming, threats, cyber-bullying, and many other hostile actions that quickly become so intense and degrading that no one dares post anything for fear of being harassed across the internet.

That’s why I’m making the following statement that you should understand:

The ideas, treatments, therapies, and programs that are discussed in these podcasts are presented merely for informational purposes. They are not in any way an endorsement of one specific concept over another.

Another statement you should always keep in mind:

There are no cures. There are only very effective treatments.


Consider autism, for example.

The autism spectrum is huge. Symptoms can range from very high functioning (to the point of being virtually indistinguishable from a ‘neuro-typical’ person), to completely incapable of communication or physical body control. Between those two extremes there are dozens of degrees of severity.

The same holds true for other disabilities like Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, and so on… there are in every disability many degrees of impact.

Let’s also consider that in many cases there can be more than just one underlying disability, which definitely factors in any treatment option.

Will there be or can there be a single ‘cure-all’ for any given disability no matter the degree of severity or other factors?

Highly unlikely.

Certain therapies might have great results for some people yet have absolutely no effect, or possibly an adverse effect, on others. That’s just the way nature works.

We all can accept that no two children or adults are alike. So why should we expect that any single treatment option will work perfectly for everyone?

It cannot.

Does that mean give up? Does that mean that the situation is hopeless?


The best course of action is to be thorough in your research. Ask dozens of questions. Don’t just take one person’s word for any given idea. Always consider the conditions, symptoms, and degree of severity of that person’s situation as compared to yours.

Look especially at the research being done by the major medical and scientific communities. And ask dozens more questions.

Remember, there is always hope and there is always a chance that something will work. Your job as the parent is to find what works. The search may take you down many paths and many avenues, but eventually you will find the right course; and no matter how long it takes, it will be worth it when you get there.

One other point I wish to make and that is that when researching information I will sometimes pull ideas or link to information on websites that may in other ways express views on religion or politics that you may or may not agree with. These are not in any way an endorsement of one political or religious viewpoint over another. I am not interested in debating or arguing religious or political viewpoints. There are plenty of other sites on the internet where you can debate and argue religion and politics as much as you want. This site is not intended to be one of them.

Thanks for listening!

John Pellegrini


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