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Special Parents Confidential 04 ADD ADHD

ADD ADHD. Attention Deficit Disorder. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Probably two of the most misunderstood disorders in the world. There are a lot of ideas about both. Some think they’re not even ‘real’ disorders but rather just fancy medical terms for anything from bad parenting, to ‘watching too much television’, to laziness, to sleep deprivation, to having ‘too much sugar’ in the diet.  In keeping with these ideas, the suggested cures for these problems are very simple. Just change the diet to nothing but healthy, organic foods, throw out the television, get plenty of exercise, use herbal supplements, and even introduce meditation as a means to cleanse the mind before sleep.

But are ADD and ADHD really just a diet, discipline, and exercise problem? Or is there something more going on? What does medical science say about ADD and ADHD? Is there a neurological condition associated with ADD and ADHD? Can adults suffer from ADD and ADHD?  What about medications? Are they safe? Are they effective? WIll they cause long term problems or addictions?

On this episode of Special Parents Confidential we are joined by Dr. Oren Mason, MD who specializes in the causes and treatments of ADD and ADHD. He shares all of the most current medical and scientific information about ADD and ADHD, and breaks it all down in easy to understand facts. You’ll learn the truth about the causes and the treatments for both disorders. You’ll also discover that Dr. Mason has a very personal reason for his dedication to treating ADD and ADHD. For parents of children with ADD or ADHD, this episode has important information you need to hear.

Websites mentioned in the podcast:

CHADD – Children and Adults With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Resource site for anyone living with ADD and ADHD. Includes credible medical information, and a resource directory for finding help in your area.

Attention MD – Dr. Mason’s practice based in Grand Rapids, MI. Also find links to purchase his book, “Reaching For A New Potential“.

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