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New Findings On Dyslexia

New Findings On Dyslexia.


We heard an interesting report on the NPR program, Here & Now, entitled, “I’m Not Stupid, Just Dyslexic”. The program discussed problems children have with dyslexia in school and how it can cause a lifetime of difficulties.

Neurologists are discovering the physical link in the brain that can cause dyslexia, and they’re hoping to use this research to diagnose the condition in early infancy so that children with dyslexia can get the help they need before kindergarten. Typically children are not diagnosed with dyslexia until the third grade at the earliest, which means they’re far behind by the time they start getting help.

The report is just under eight minutes long. We recommend listening to it, downloading the show so that you can review information, and sharing with everyone you know. Dyslexia can be present even with other disabilities and because of this it can sometimes be missed or undiagnosed.

Here’s the link to the program: I’m Not Stupid, Just Dyslexic