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Welcome To Special Parents Confidential

The Resource For Parents of Special Needs Children

Feel like you’re alone? That no one else understands what it’s like to have special needs children? This is the podcast is for you.

Being a parent of a special needs child, or children, is more than a full-time job. Especially if you have limited resources and limited access to find help. How are you supposed to find reliable information and keep up with all the latest developments or changes?

Special Parents Confidential is your online support group source for dependable advice and information.

This podcast takes a “we’re all in this together” approach to looking at issues, finding successful tactics, and getting solid advice about the complex challenges of parenting special needs children.

We’d also like to encourage anyone who has any connection or relationship with a special needs child to check out our podcasts as well. This can include friends, family, neighbors, community leaders, teachers, specialists, therapists, doctors, professionals of all kinds… Even adults who have special needs… we’d love to have your perspective on how things were for you as you grew through your childhood

Some Topics You’ll Find In Current Or Upcoming Episodes:

The Diagnosis – Has your child been diagnosed with a disability? What do you do next? We have episodes to help you find out what you need to do as a parent of a child that has just been diagnosed.

Coping -Ways to help relieve parental frustrations. We talk to experts and parents on what they do to keep focused and lower stress levels.

Assistive Technology – We’ll look at what’s available, what works best and what may not be the best solution for our kids.

Medical -Finding the right medical doctor, specialist, and therapists in your area. Not all doctors, medical groups, and hospitals are alike. Also what do you do if you have to travel out of town, across state, or even out of your state to find the right medical care? We’ll also look at some alternative therapies and alternative medicines… are they dangerous or are they worth pursuing?

Insurance – Whether or not certain treatments from your local provider are covered, or if there is coverage on treatments when you have to travel out of your area? What changes are expected in coverage now that Health Care Reform is established?

Government –  Insurance coverage for special needs children vary from state to state. Requirements for special education can also vary from state to state. How do you go about getting laws in your state changed or amended to help improve the lives of special needs children (including your own)?

Education – Is your special needs child getting the right help in school? How do you find a special education advocate?  What about IEPs, 501s, and other Special Ed Plans –  What are they, and which is best for your child?

Relocation – What about when you move? Across town, across state, across the nation? Not all states, counties, or even individual school districts handle special education the same way. There is a wide variety of policies. How do you find out where the best schools are for your special needs child?

Family – How to handle your special need child’s siblings who don’t have special needs. Are there jealousy problems? Anger issues over favoritism or other challenges real or perceived? What about relatives, friends, and total strangers who don’t have special needs kids and can’t relate to your child and your situation.

Want to suggest a topic? – Have an idea for an episode? Please see our Submissions Page to find out what we’re looking for in podcast episodes, blog articles, and helpful website links. Use our Contact Page to email us and tell us what you think and what subject you’d like to know more about.

About John Pellegrini

John Pellegrini has been involved in radio as both an on-air talent and production person (the guy who produces the commercials and promos) for over 30 years at various stations throughout the midwest. Additionally, John does voiceover, sound recording, and audio production for film, animation, video games, television, musicians and internet.

Visit John’s audio and voiceover production site here: John Pellegrini 

John and his wife Sarah are parents of two kids, their daughter Olivia who is ‘neuro-typical’ and their son Nathan who has some special needs.

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