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Special Parents Confidential Episode Transcriptions Are Now Available

Special Parents Confidential Episode Transcriptions Are Now Available.

To all of our listeners:

When I first launched Special Parents Confidential in January of 2013, my goal was (and remains) to provide accurate and credible information for parents of special needs children. My other goal was that these episodes would be free of charge. 

I’m fortunate to say I have achieved both those goals. However, despite that there is no charge to listen to these episodes, there are expenses to creating the podcast. Hosting the website, time spent recording and producing the episodes, and promoting the podcast on social media, are some examples. During all this time, Special Parents Confidential has been entirely funded by myself. The result is, because of the costs, and the commitments I have with a full time job, I can only produce these episodes in my spare time, which isn’t very often.

How You Can Help

To help lower these costs, I would like to ask for your help. Special Parents Confidential episode transcriptions are now available on Amazon Kindle Books. The transcriptions sell for only $5.00 USD for the one time download, and is available to listeners in other countries as well.  Each transcription is in the Kindle eBook format, and contains active links to every website mentioned in the podcast. The Kindle Book Reader is a free app, available for multiple operating systems. You can download it on the Kindle Website here.

The first episode transcription that we are offering for purchase is one of our most recent podcasts. Medical Advocacy Episode 35 with Teri Dreher, RN, of North Shore Patient Advocates. You can find this transcription by clicking here

In the coming weeks I’ll be posting other episode transcriptions. If there is a particular episode that you would like to see transcribed, please Like our Facebook Page. Then you can let me know your preference in our status space.

If you have found any information in our episodes useful, purchasing a Special Parents Confidential Transcription eBook is a great way to help support us. This way we can continue producing more episodes in the future. My next goal for Special Parents Confidential is to be able to provide a new episode at least once a week. Your support, through purchasing these transcriptions, can help make that new goal a reality.

Want to help even more? Please be sure to post a review of the episode transcription on the Kindle page. You can also share this post, and your review, with all of your social media sites.

To purchase your eBook Transcription of Special Parents Confidential Episode 35 on Amazon Kindle Publishing, click here.

Thanks for your support!

John Pellegrini