Deafness and Hearing Impairment – Revisiting SPC Episode 09

Deafness and Hearing Impairment.

Deafness and Hearing Impairment are now very well understood, and once diagnosed, can be successfully managed. Everyone at some point in their lives experiences some form of hearing loss, either from their environment or due to advanced age. However many children are born every year with deafness or hearing impairment.

Technology Improvements.

Although many therapies and technologies exist to help correct deafness and hearing impairment, the same questions and issues still come up for parents of deaf and hearing impaired children as for all parents of special needs children: communication, comprehension, help in school, social acceptance, and so on. And what organizations exist that can help parents get the information that’s best suited for their children and their particular needs?

A Parent Who’s Been There.

Our guest on this episode of Special Parents Confidential, Julie Wiseman, has been through a lot of these issues. Her daughter, Kendall, was diagnosed at birth with deafness. Juli shares Kendall’s story and her own struggles with finding help, getting the right information, and many other issues that she and Kendall have faced.

Links Mentioned In This Episode: 

New – Reviews.Com: The Best Hearing Aids of 2017 – a comprehensive review of the best over-the-counter hearing aids that are available right now.

Hearing Loss Association of America  – The Nation’s Voice For People With Hearing Loss.

Listen Up – Specializing in information for the deaf and hard of hearing, and especially geared to the needs of hearing impaired children and their families. Note: this website hasn’t been updated since 2010, but still has some valuable information.

Hands & Voices – Resource website for everyone.

Guide By Your Side – This is the link to the Hands & Voices national site for finding Guide By Your Side in every state.

Gallaudet University – The premier institution of learning, teaching and research for deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

John Tracy Clinic Los Angeles – Free help for parents of deaf and hearing impaired children no matter where they live.

Alexander Graham Bell Association – Support and information for parents of children with deafness or hearing impairment.

Cochlear Implant Manufacturers (and their associations):

Advanced Bionics 

Cochlear America