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Social Issues In School – Revisiting SPC Episode 08

Social Issues In School.

When we talk about issues that can cause anxiety for parents of special needs kids,  dealing with social situations in school and elsewhere is probably right at the top of the list.  Will our children be accepted or will they be teased or shunned? Will our kids be able to handle the day to day interactions in the class room, in the cafeteria, or on the playground? What about bullying? And what are we supposed to do when our kids experience problems with these situations? Many of these social issues in school start early in pre-school and elementary school and can cause a lifetime of stress and problems for parents and children alike.

Social Workers And How They Help.

For many schools the person who can help guide our kids through their day in school is the social worker. They’re also the person who parents can talk to for help with making sure their special needs child can fit into the various social situations and can offer advice that parents can use to reinforce the school’s expectations at home. They are also often the ones who work with the parents of other students to facilitate better communication and understanding.

Advice From A Real Elementary School Social Worker

Our guest on this episode of Special Parents Confidential is Chris Kenward, an elementary school social worker who has many years of experience dealing with both special needs students and general education students.  Many experts agree, the vast majority of social problems begin early in elementary school so the sooner a child with special needs can get help in dealing with social issues, the better their progress will be throughout their life. The information Chris shares here is vital for every parent of a special needs child, as well as for teachers, special education experts, care givers, and anyone who has a relationship with a special needs kid.

Links Mentioned In This Episode

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Driven Story by Jon Singer  – The website of the Sibling Support Project, where you can see stories from the book and order a copy.

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When Your Child With Special Needs Is Banned From A Relative’s Home

When Your Child With Special Needs Is Banned From A Relative’s Home

This is one of those subjects that is hardly ever talked about, and yet can have a devastating effect on families. What would you do when your child with special needs is banned from a relative’s home? How would you react? Would you try to resolve the issue? Would you try to please the relatives who won’t tolerate your child’s different behaviors? Or would you react in a different way and turn the tables? Very insightful and well-written blog from a mom ‘who’s been there’, and offers some very sound advice.

The Friendship Circle is a fantastic resource organization for not only parents of special needs children, but for anyone who has any relationship with a special needs child. They were the subject of SPC Episode 13, and we interviewed Rabbi Tzvi Schectman who told us about the mission and the purpose of the Friendship Circle.

In addition to their blog that this article comes from, they also offer many resources including a campus for social help. Find out more by visiting their website and be sure to sign up for their email newsletter to get a daily posting with excellent advice right to your email inbox.